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Christmas studio sale

My first ever Christmas studio sale! Want to avoid the Christmas present crush? A chance for you to find a special gift in a lovely atmosphere away from the hulabalo of the high street. Do pop round! 4 Clarence Road, Llandeilo, on 14th Dec, from 6pm. Textile art, Original prints, soft furnishings, cards, home-made decorations, […]

Upcycling Furniture with Fabric

When I see a piece of dowdy old furniture my mind races off to consider how it might be rescued. I’m quite convinced all furniture can be rescued and given a new lease of life. Given that my first language appears to be ‘fabric’ it won’t surprise you that a lot of my furniture upcycling […]

Quilt Commissions

I have a deep love for quilts – the fabrics, designing them, their history, their place in the home. I make about 10 quilts a year, some are commissions, some are ideas that sit in my head for ages and then, when I see the just the right fabric, it brings the whole thing together. […]

Textile Workshops for Autumn 2016

Hi there, Here are all my upcoming quilting and textile workshops from now until the end of the year. Hopefully I’ve included some that will lend themselves to Christmas gifts. There are also a couple of dates for your diary along with ‘how to book’ information at the end of the email. All workshops are […]

What’s new at Contrary Mary Designs

Okay so it’s been a while since my last posting, a long, long while, which is good for me because it means that I have been busy, but not for the website because you need to see lots of pretty pictures of lovely, lovely textiles and new designs. 2014 was a busy year, I finally […]

What is a “fat quarter” anyway?

The number of times I’ve been asked that! A fat quarter is a particular way of cutting up a metre (or yard) of fabric to get a more usable piece. Basically instead of cutting a quarter across the whole width of the fabric (which would measure around 25 cm x 137 cm) a fat quarter […]

September 2014 – Idea to design to completed textile project

Like a lot of creative people it took me quite along time to find my metier, I tried so many things, lace making, jewellery making and bee keeping among them! I discovered that no skill however odd it seems is ever wasted. The process of spending time creating and learning is so liberating, and it’s […]

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