Quilt Commissions

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Lovers Knot Quilt

I have a deep love for quilts – the fabrics, designing them, their history, their place in the home. I make about 10 quilts a year, some are commissions, some are ideas that sit in my head for ages and then, when I see the just the right fabric, it brings the whole thing together. All my quilts are my own design but I often use traditional Welsh quilt patterns, with a contemporary twist and lots of vintage fabric.

Quilt Commissions
From initial consultation to finished item, a bespoke quilt takes between 6 to 8 weeks to complete depending on the size, the design and the fabric sourcing. A finished quilt will cost between £250 and £800 depending on the work involved.

Memory quilt using fabrics worn during a beloved's lifetime.

Memory quilt using fabrics worn during a beloved’s lifetime.

Case Study:  One of my most memorable quilt commissions was being asked to design and make a quilt from old cotton shirts belonging to a woman’s father, he had passed away and her mother was finding it very difficult without him. She no longer wanted to sleep in their room. So I made a quilt from his old clothes and I love to think that it provides some comfort. There was extra work for this quilt because the clothes had to be sorted and appraised for what kind of design might be suitable. After sketching out the pattern and making a small sample section, the design was appoved and I was very pleased with the end result.

Quilting Workshops in West Wales
I do a Quilt Top in a Day workshop for small groups (between 4+10 people) which is ideal for WI and craft groups and also makes an original idea for hen parties and baby showers – why not make a quilt together for the happy couple or family-to-be? My fee is £200 for the day + cost of hiring the venue if required.  Quilting tution is available (at my studio) on request.

If you are interested in a workshop or would like to commission a quilt, please contact me on 01558 824781.