Upcycling Furniture with Fabric

fabric covered console table low res 4

When I see a piece of dowdy old furniture my mind races off to consider how it might be rescued. I’m quite convinced all furniture can be rescued and given a new lease of life. Given that my first language appears to be ‘fabric’ it won’t surprise you that a lot of my furniture upcycling involves the application of fabric – inset panels were just made for it!

Edwardian mass-reproduction is particularly gratifying to paint and decorate because the lines are so elegant, but I have to say I’m also particularly proud of turning a rather clunky bright blue Ikea CD rack into something more subtle using panels of lovely Toile de Jouy.

Furniture Commisions
Genuine antiques need to be left as they are but there is a lot of servicable furniture out there, which isn’t of any value and yet looks very tired. If you have a some furniture of sentimental or useful value but it just doesn’t suit your style, carefully designing and upcycling is often the solution. My hourly rate is £15.00 and pieces can take anything from a day to a couple of weeks depending on the amount of work involved. I do ask clients to arrange delivery and collection to/from my studio – which is another way of keeping costs down.

Furniture Upcyling Workshops
I do a one-day workshop called Reloving Your Furniture for small groups (between 4+10 people) which is ideal for craft groups. My fee is £200 for the day + cost of hiring the venue if required.

If you are interested in a workshop or would like to commission a piece of furniture to be upcycled, please contact me on 01558 824781.