Lovers knot quilt detail low res

Fabric and embellishment, nature, colour, old furniture, glass beads – they all mix together in my studio to make quilts, scarves, jewellery and vintage style heirlooms for the future, Contrary Mary indeed. ¬†Gathering fabrics along the way sometimes leads me to a new design, old silk evening dresses start the imagination, thinking “what’s the story behind it?” might push me into using materials in a new way.

Most of my pieces are one-offs, occasionally I might mange to produce two if there is enough raw material. But that’s both the challenge and the beauty of using vintage and limited edition fabrics.

My current range includes scarves, cushions, quilts, bags, jewellery and upcycled furniture. You can see what’s currently available here in the shop.

About the Artist
Contrary Mary is the alter-ego of Eleanor Birchell Hughes, textile artist and designer.


Call us 01558 824781 or email contrarymarydesigns@gmail.com





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